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Photographing OTP’s Spring Play Slam Boston!

On Stage with OTP’s SLAM Boston. How we captured an amazing performance for posters and reviewers.

Photographing SLAM Boston

The Open Theatre Project was back with SLAM Boston Diverse Voices in Theatre.

If you ever get a chance to see a SLAM, don’t pass it up.

It is a great opportunity to check out up to 10 short plays that range from hilarious comedy to pull at your heart strings drama– And everything in between.

This season’s SLAM Boston had everything from comedy to interpretive dance to those moments that make you go “hmm” 3 hours later on the ride home.

And, Sarah, the MC, kept everything rolling along with awesome jokes!

At the end of every play, the audience gets to score the performances and the winning players get prizes!

Tonight was an incredible night of performances and plays from local playwrights.

So much fun!

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