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Matt McKee Feature in an ARTCOVER Spread

ARTCOVER magazine does a Matt McKee Feature during a studio visit. See the spread and read the article. Heck, read the whole magazine. It’s good!

Concepting to Prep for Biotech Photography:

I just got the first issue of ARTCOVER magazine, published by Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann Publications and am hugely flattered by the Matt McKee Feature two page spread they put together on my studio.

Celina Colby (@celinacolby), a local writer and prolific blogger, stopped by the studio a while back and did the interview.

I think she really captured the feel of the space and my philosophies about creating photography!

Frankly, I had forgotten about the interview and was very pleasantly surprised when my art rep, Suzanne, at Canvas Fine Arts, texted me and let me know that she had some copies of my issue.

After the studio visit, they requested some photos of the more esoteric props floating around my space and, of course, some images of my work.

Anyway, I am thrilled and proud and inspired to create some new work!

You can read the whole issue up at

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