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Lab Photography – Telling Your Story for Investors and Clients

Lab testing, bio tech facilities and research companies need marketing love like any other B2B company.

Concepting to Prep for Biotech Photography:

Biotech Brochure Cover Shot
Biotech Brochure Cover Shot

Lab Photography Telling Your Story: Lab testing, bio tech facilities and research companies need marketing love like any other B2B company. The challenge these days is to put a human face to the high tech science. Tell your story with in lab photography.

We traveled up to Waltham for a couple day long shoot in the labs. Our goal was to create interesting, dynamic photography of Repligen Corporation’s upstream bioprocessing filters. The labs were tight spaces, filled with bubbling vats, snaking tubes and beige boxes with arcane numbers and symbols, costing, no doubt, lots of money. So, we needed to move quickly and carefully to avoid impacting their day to day business of science!

This image, which ended up on the cover of their ESACT brochure for Barcelona, features Olga, one of their incredibly smart technicians, holding one of their smaller bio filters. She explained to me, several times, what the filter was for and how it fit into the workflow for pharmaceutical manufacturing. The upshot is that, without these filters, it would be very difficult to filter out the good stuff from the rest of the biomass used to create the medicine. For more details, you should probably contact them as that is about as far as I understood it.

Creating photography in labs like this is always fun and educational. For over 15 years, I have been invited into research and production laboratories to make pictures for a wide variety of marketing tools. These days, even though the annual report photography world is pretty much over, the need for good images for promotions on web sites, in brochures and sell sheets for trade shows continues on.

And, with the sheer volume of images on the net,the challenge to rise above the visual static is more important than ever.

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