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Increase Sales – Dramatic Product Photography in Space

Dramatic product photography to help increase sales in a new line of industrial products.

Dramatic Product Photography

Ah, this stuff is super light weight!
Ah, this stuff is super light weight!
Product Photography illustration
Product Photography illustration

We were asked to help increase sales in a new product line by creating dramatic product photography of a family of industrial vacuum values.

Better than standard pressure check valves, these optimized system performance by not wasting the pump’s power opening stiffer springs.

The image was distributed with a press release, as well as used in the company’s sales literature.

How We Do Dramatic Product Photography

To achieve our goal, each of the industrial valves was cleaned, positioned, lit and shot separately. In Photoshop, we carefully composited each piece with a stock space background to illustrate the strength the vacuum ability of their product line.

Not every product shot needs that much post production, but, in this case, it helped to create a dramatic image.

Every picture tells a story and no story is more important than the one your product photography is telling your potential customers

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