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Product Photography Illustration for Scale

For when you can’t shoot on location, there is always product photography illustration to save the day! Here’s a little photo illustration story.

Product Photography Illustration for "Scale"

Occasionally, a product photography project comes along that needs to be done in the studio, but needs to look like it was some place else. In this case, we needed to create a product photography illustration of a scale.

The reason to do it in the studio was somewhat driven by budget. However, it was also mid-December. Which meant that there was no green to be found in New England. And, no budget to do it some place warmer.

Photo Illustration Planning Sketches

Planning Your Product Photography Illustration

As anyone who reads my little blog knows, the best photography starts with a plan, imho. The Creative Director and I sat down and mapped out what needed to be in the photo illustration and what the main message was.

After all, a photo can only tell one story to its audience at a time.

Stock Photography Fails

Creating a product photo illustration with just one stock photograph has some huge challenges: Does the product actually fit in the image? With all the right elements? With appropriate lighting?

After a short search, we realized that the stock libraries had nothing that would tick all the boxes.

So, we started putting the puzzle together.

The Photo Illustration Library

We found a background plate that looked like a generic office building. The hands and the scale were photographed together in the studio, with attention to lighting so that it would come close to matching the building.

With another search, we found a generic white van and a van door… and a van interior.

Digging into the studio’s texture library, we found a replacement for the crappy driveway in front of the building.

And, the freon bottle came from yet another image in the libraries.

The Client's Response to Photo Illustration

We photographed the product, assembled the product photography illustration from all of the different parts, and added a generic name to the van. After a little back and forth, the client was thrilled with the final product photo illustration.

So, if the budget doesn’t allow for shooting in a different location, let’s have a conversation about what we can do.

To book your session, give me a call or shoot me an email. We will navigate our new reality and make great pictures together.

Stay safe and I look forward to working with you!


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