Perfect Marketing Photos – The Plan

In the last Perfect Photo Shoot post, we talked about how to come up with the perfect concept for your next marketing photos. The next step is to make The Plan.

The plan makes the perfect location portrait possible.

More often than not, a new client will simply ask me to show up on location on the day of the shoot and they will hand me a list when I get there.

While this can certainly work, and sometimes there is no other choice, there are plenty of risks involved in this method. Not having a plan ahead of time means that the first part of the shoot is spent getting oriented to the space, figuring out the shot list order and even cutting shots to be able to accomplish it while keeping the same high quality standards we bring to every shoot.

This impacts the time we have available to actually be creating photos. It also can throw an office into chaos.

Planning for Photos does not have to be Scary!

Over the years, we have developed a better way.

A walk through of the site, with our concepts in hand, gives us the opportunity to develop a plan that will take full advantage of the location(s), optimize our subjects’ time so that they are not hanging around on shoot day when they could be doing their thing and make sure that we have a careful list of everything we will need to have on hand during the shoot itself.

An hour or two of preparation a week, or a couple of days, prior to the shoot allows us to have the least impact on the location while getting the best images for your next campaign. It can even help us get one more perfect image in!

Turn the camera on first, Gabby!

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