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Love Hertz! A Valentine’s Photo that’s a shocker! Promotional Photoshoot

The lovely Brittanie Lee visited the studio last week for our annual Valentine’s Day promotional photoshoot to send out to our email list and put up on our Facebook page.

Aw, so maybe my title is too punny. But, I think it’s fun!

Promotional Photoshoot Concept

We came up with the concept for this Dark Portrait by combining a touch of superhero antihero backstory with a little cosplay flavoring and a dash of photoshop for the lightning. So, figure a jilted lover, who tragically gets lost in a power plant and comes out – Lightning Lass!

Or, something like that. Maybe we just had a lot of fun with funky lighting, cool backgrounds, wonderful makeup and a talented model who brought it all to the shoot!

Catherine Moniz was on hair and makeup duties.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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