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Making the Rent Poster for The Footlight Club, Part 3

Annie Olmstead and Shira Cahn-Lipman, photographed for the Rent poster.

Character Portraits for RENT

Annie Olmstead and Shira Cahn-Lipman
Annie Olmstead and Shira Cahn-Lipman

Annie Olmstead and Shira Cahn-Lipman for the RENT poster.

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Lilith - First wife of Adam, played by Aurora Grabill

The Dark Portrait sessions began as an experiment in creating outdoor night time feeling scenes in a small studio. Who knew they would summon Lilith?

Mark Sandstrom by Matt McKee Photography

Todd Sandstrom as Mark in RENT at the Footlight Club

Wizard of oz at RTW

Over coming the unique challenges that we faced when creating the Wizard of Oz poster for RTW Boston.

The Fear Project, an OTP devised documentary production.
4/28/17-5/13/17 at St John’s Church, Jamaica Plain
Zahra A. Belyea
Sarah Jacobs
Rosie McInnes
Robin Abrahams
Hal Halper
J. Deschene
Athena-Gwendolyn Baptiste
Lydia Jane Graeff

Directors: Molly Gilbert & Lynda Bachman
Stage Manager: Sophia Lajoie
Assistant Stage Manager : Sarah Cronkleton-Kidd
Scenic Design : Ben Lieberson
Lighting Design: Tyson Miller
Sound Design: Elizabeth Cahill
Costume Design: Stephanie K. Brownell
Costume Assistant: Tori A. Moline
Executive Producer : Dustin D. Bell
Producer : Alan White

Credit: For use to promote and in editorials for the Open Theatre Project. All other rights reserved.

Photographing Live Theatre for Theatrical Marketing: On Stage with OTP's Fear Project. How we captured an amazing performance for posters and reviewers.