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Anna and the Studio Grand Opening, Dec 4 2-5??

“It’s true!” she whispered. “It’s a Studio Open House. With real food, art, and people! You gotta see it to believe it.”

Grand Opening Invite!

“It’s true!” she whispered urgently. “It’s a Studio Open House, with real food and everything.

“And, you-know-who will be there, too…”

Join us on Saturday December 4th from 2 pm until 5 ish? for the Grand Opening and Art Schmooze at Studio 7, The Lofts at Westinghouse, 1 Westinghouse Plaza, Hyde Park 02136.

Yep, we are close to Mayor Menino’s house. And, yep, we will have real food and some kind of beverages. Oh, and, yes, Hyde Park Open Studios is also happening in the building!

Art, Beverages, Light Fare and Great People!

As my mother always told me, “Make sure you are one of them!”

The picture above was created when the lovely and extremely talented Anna Koon stopped by my studio earlier this year. We had been planning a Dark Portrait session for a while and decided to put a little advertising spin on it for some jewelry.

Obviously, these portraits are not for everyone. In fact, they are sort of anti-portraits. But, they are a lot of fun to do, both as photographer and as the subject. And, they have been rockin’ the house for ad programs.

So, if you are interested in exploring your darker side or pushing a poster or print piece in an attention getting way, give me a call!

My thanks to Anna for costume, as well as her wonderful collaborative energy as the subject. And, makeup artist Hilary Warner did a fantastic job!

Anna, Retro Girl, Artist

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