RED Poster Photography for BTAT

Creating theater marketing poster photography has its challenges. The Boston Teen Acting Troupe was back in our Boston photo studio to create marketing materials for it’s latest production: John Logan’s RED.

If you are familiar with the play, then you know that it is a story about the relationship between artist Mark Rothko and his young assistant, Ken.

Our photography challenge:

Mark, at this point, is supposed to be about 60 years old. Alex Bailey, who is playing Mark, is 17. Ken is supposed to be in his mid-20s and is played by Nate Guevin. Nate is also 17.

Doing aging makeup or photoshop work in post just didn’t make sense, since we are promoting a play and they are not going to do that kind of makeup for the actual show. No sense creating that kind of anticipation in the audience, only to have them disappointed.

Instead, this became an opportunity for the actors to strut their stuff and push their skills and talents to the limits. Don’t act “old”, think of what it means to have lived. Think of the experiences and where their emotional centers are. And, bring that to our poster photography!

And, they did!

Behind the scenes video of the photoshoot

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