Winning Business Radio Podcast “The Business of Photography”

Hey, Ma! I’m on the radio!

Kevin Hallinan, one of the principles of Winning Inc, and host of Winning Business Radio on, reached out to me a short time ago and invited me on his show to talk about the business side of photography.

I have been interviewed before, but not in this format. It was a very interesting process and a fun project. There were lots of listener questions and Kevin does a great interview.

Check out the show at the link below, or look up Winning Business Radio on your favorite podcast app.

Winning Business Radio

Winning Business Radio

Winning Business Radio Podcast Kevin HallinanMatt McKee, owner of McKee Photography, is an acclaimed commercial photographer and photo illustrator. Based in Boston, Matt works with biotech manufacturers and health sciences companies, startups and entrepreneurs who are upset that their mother was right: you never get a second chance at a first impression. Matt talks about his personal and professional journey and how he has built his business from newbie to seasoned veteran.

The Business of Photography

I met Kevin Hallinan,  a number of years ago, through the Neponset River Regional Chamber. He got me involved with his training program, which really helped me to figure out how best to help my clients meet their marketing goals.

Along the way, I also had the opportunity to create headshots for his company. His headshot is the one that they used on the promo card for the podcast and radio show.

Kevin Hallinan, Winning Inc.

Other Interviews

As I mentioned, I have been interviewed in the past. Here’s a couple of my favs, if you are interested.

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