Portraits for Bio Tech Investor Company

A new biotech consultancy was ramping up recently in the Boston area. They brought in some agency friends of mine to work on their new marketing materials and strategies. Part of the package was a new set of studio portraits for their biographies page and for their press pieces. Our challenge was in scheduling: due to all three being on the road, we couldn’t get them in until about three days before the site was about to launch.

Biotech portraits behind the scenes
Biotech portraits behind the scenes

Generally speaking, it is nice to have a little bit more wiggle room on the calendar. Any session needs an initial edit in the studio to narrow down the image selections to something manageable. Then the agency folks make their selections. After that, the client chooses the hero images, which then need to get the final touches to make them perfect before releasing them in to the wilds. Depending on how long people take to make their choices, this could take any where from a day to 6 weeks (yes, we have a client who is still trying to decide between 3 frames shot back in March. He likes one, his spouse prefers a different one. So it goes.)

Biotech portraits behind the scenes
Biotech portraits behind the scenes

The three principles for this shoot came in for a morning session. We set up the afternoon before so we could start first thing in the morning with the lights and background already roughed out. Liz Washer was on hand from Ennis Inc. to handle makeup/grooming duties and help with touching up wardrobes.

Concept Driven Corporate Portraiture
Stuart Pollard, Ph.D, Associate Vice President And Principal, Sanofi-Sunrise

The whole morning went very smoothly, with careful scheduling and attention to the little details that make any shoot a success. We were able to spend the afternoon editing down the selection and get it over for agency picks. The final selections came in over the weekend and we set to processing first thing in the morning.

The agency folks were happy, the client was happy and we managed to get the images turned around in time for their launch!

Corporate Portraiture
Brian Bronk, Ph.D, Principal, Sanofi-Sunrise

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