Perfect Marketing Photos – The Post Production

So far, the Perfect Marketing Photo was concepted, planned and then was produced. We got the files from the camera. So, we are done, right?

Nope! 😉

Perfect Marketing Photo Post Production

The Perfect Marketing Photo for your advertising brochure now goes through Post Production. This could be anything from simple color corrections to extreme digital manipulations. And, as you may expect by now, our goal is to work with the image until we meet the needs of the concepts we started with back in the preproduction/concepting stage.

Our goal for this image was to create a dramatic sunset portrait of small business owner, Nick Hunter, who owns and operates American Auto Transporters. He ships beautiful, high end cars all around the country around the world!  The image is going to be used as part of his marketing plan for submission to magazines and blogs about travel, moving and relocation companies. We wanted the image to be about Nick but it needed the cars to help make it relevant to his service.

Post production photo, from the camera

Proper Planning for Better Photographic Results

My team and I shoot tethered to the laptop so we can properly evaluate exposure, lighting and composition. The one thing we caught right away was that the sunset was not going to pop the way we had planned. But, we knew we needed the sun down far enough that we would be able to play with the color during our post production process. Proper planning here means that our post production process will not be made more difficult by not have enough information in the file to work with later.

We boosted our contrast and saturation in the sky, did some other color correction work in our capture software and then brought it into Photoshop for the final retouching. That included removing reflections, pollen spots and getting rid of the license plate holder on the Nissan.

No image is complete without getting some post production work on it. Whether it is highlighting the sky, removing unwanted spots or creating a whole new background, any creative production for marketing should include some time for optimizing the photograph for the marketing application.

The last image will give you a before and after look at the final file we submitted. It was a great project that is sure to get Nick some new exposure and show him as the professional that he is.

Post production photo, in Progress

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