The King and I Theater Production Poster

Anne Carter, the freelance graphic designer who works closely with Tara Brooks, at the Riverside Theatre Works, in Hyde Park, gave me a call and asked me to collaborate with her again.

This time, the project was The King and I.

After Anne and I talked about costumes and backgrounds, Julius Ahn, a member of the New England Conservatory, and Meegan Gagnor, singer/actor extraordinare, showed up at my little studio in Dedham. We got them into costume and shot the two of them together against a blank background, knowing I was going to be developing a special background that would be relate, somehow, to the show.

The lighting was simple enough, using a shoot through umbrella in the back, for separation, and a gridded softbox in the front for fall off on the edges.

The fun part of the shoot, for me, was watching these two professionals go to work and create the relationship between the two main characters.

The play opens on May 1st. Don’t miss it!

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