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Life is a Cabaret Ole Chum!

Theater photography to promote Cabaret at the Footlight Club. A nice little noir set up to portray that Life is a Cabaret! They are gonna do something special with this musical so don’t miss it!

Life is a Cabaret (while making a poster!)

The Footlight Club is back in the studio with their production of the classic American musical, Cabaret.

For this photoshoot, the original plan was for a strictly photo illustration poster. That changed after we started working further into it.

Suddenly, Perry was our cover model!

Photography for the Theatre and More

To capture life as a Cabaret, we created photography for more than just the poster. We also needed to whip up some character portraits for the theatre’s social media channels.

But, it had to fit with the branding and keep the noir tone of the rest of the collateral.

Credit Where Due!

A huge thank you to The Footlight Club’s production team, Michael Colford, Carol Pyper, Valerie Tracy and Vincent S. Ratsavong for trusting us with the Cabaret project.

And, for the trust that the actors placed in me to capture their characters. Perry Albert, Alexander Boyle, Matt Finn, David J Rodrigues, Susan Picillo and Jim Foster.

Also, the amazingly fun costumes by Dustin Rennells!

Video by Maddie DeFelice (Youtube) (Instagram)

Music by Ghostrifter Official  CC By SA 3.0

You can see other posters we have created for The Footlight Club here.

Cast Portraits

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