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Legally Blonde Poster and Social Media Photography

How we created the Legally Blonde Poster Photography and Social Media Photography for a sold out run at the Footlight Club.

Like, OMG, this would make an awesome picture!

The Footlight Club was back in the studio for their production of Legally Blonde, The Musical. Director Katie Swimm (Our Town, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown) had some very specific ideas for the cover art for the production.

It would feature Roxy, the young Chihuahua, playing Bruiser, along with some legal props and Elle’s foot.

Mark Sherman, Roxy’s manager, and incidentally the lighting designer for the show, was on hand to keep Roxy focused.

The Legally Blonde Poster shoot also included creating character portraits for their Social Media accounts.

Character portrait of Roxy Sherman as Bruiser
Character portrait of Roxy Sherman as Bruiser

Poster Photography Preparation

Roxy stars in the Legally Blonde poster, and pratically stole the show!
Key Art Photo Illustration

We had the amazing Dustin Rennells (Cabaret, Our Town, Honk, The Importance of Being Earnest) back on costumes. He made a huge number of costumes for the show and had them already for our photoshoots.

For the first session with Roxy, we just needed Elle’s (Amanda Casale) shoes.

The rest of the props were sourced by Katie and crew.

The Character Portraits

Character Portraits are a key piece of the social media campaigns that Michael Colford, the club’s Publicity Director puts together for each show. In the week or two prior to the production opening, he posts an interview with each actor, featuring them in full costume.

The response for this show was overwhelming and resulted in multiple sold out weekends!

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Poster for the Footlight Club's presentation of Arsenic and Old Lace. 
Sandi MacDonald, Karen Wepsic, Patrick O'Hanlon. Releases on file
Wardrobe by Maureen Festa

Poster photo manipulation for Arsenic and Old Lace

The Fear Project, an OTP devised documentary production.
4/28/17-5/13/17 at St John’s Church, Jamaica Plain
Zahra A. Belyea
Sarah Jacobs
Rosie McInnes
Robin Abrahams
Hal Halper
J. Deschene
Athena-Gwendolyn Baptiste
Lydia Jane Graeff

Directors: Molly Gilbert & Lynda Bachman
Stage Manager: Sophia Lajoie
Assistant Stage Manager : Sarah Cronkleton-Kidd
Scenic Design : Ben Lieberson
Lighting Design: Tyson Miller
Sound Design: Elizabeth Cahill
Costume Design: Stephanie K. Brownell
Costume Assistant: Tori A. Moline
Executive Producer : Dustin D. Bell
Producer : Alan White

Credit: For use to promote and in editorials for the Open Theatre Project. All other rights reserved.

Photographing Live Theatre for Theatrical Marketing: On Stage with OTP's Fear Project. How we captured an amazing performance for posters and reviewers.